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Viewing Customer Details

If the current transaction is associated with a specific customer, clicking the Customer tab in the Functions frame will have the Customer Details page appear. On this page, you can find customer status information, and transaction records.

Customer Status Information

  • Photo and contact information – Customer’s photo, name, home address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • Customer/Alt ID – Customer or Alternate ID of customer.
  • Status – Current status of customer.
  • Expires – Expiry date of customer’s membership.
  • Customer Since – Date of customer’s first recorded transaction.
  • Customer Type / Age Type – Types as selected by your system Type options include Junior, Adult, and Senior.
  • Birth – Customer’s date of birth.
  • Notes – Notes that have been entered about the customer.

Transaction Information

  • Purchases to Date – Customer’s total transactions ($), since the customer record was created.
  • Accounts (Account Name) – Balances are shown for each active customer If the customer is the secondary account holder, the primary account holder’s name will display in brackets beside account type.
  • Gift Cards Balance – Current combined total ($) of customer’s gift cards and certificates.
  • Rain Checks Balance – Current combined total ($) of customer’s rain checks.
  • Loyalty Balance – Customer’s current balance of loyalty points.
  • Earn Points – Customer’s permission to earn points (Y/N)
  • Redeem Points – Customer’s permission to redeem points (Y/N)

More Details

The More Details page can be viewed by clicking the More Details link on the Customer Details page. This page is intended to provide you additional details about the customer. The type of information and how this information is arranged will depend on how your system administrator has customized this page.

Viewing Customer Specific Reports

Various customer specific reports can be accessed from the Customer tab.

  • Member Transaction Detail Report – Contains customer’s transaction history. Click the Transactions link to view this report.
  • Member Reservation Detail Report – Contains customer’s reservations history. Click the Reservations link to view this report.
  • Customer Punch Pass Listing Report – Contains customer’s punch pass activity history. Click the Punch Passes link to view this report.
  • Member No Show Listing Detail Report – Contains customer’s ‘no show’ history. Click the No-Shows link to view this report.
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