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Using the Keypad

The Keypad tab in the Functions frame is mainly used by touch-screen users of GEN POS. With the keypad, you can punch in numbers directly onto your screen, rather than using a mouse or keyboard device.

Common tasks you can perform with the keypad:

  • Entering or searching for a SKU.
  • Adjusting the price of an item in the transaction grid.
  • Entering amount totals for payment processing in the Payments frame.

When performing any such tasks, the Keypad page will appear in the Functions frame as a tool for you to use.

Entering a SKU by Keypad


To search for a SKU by keypad:

1. In the Functions frame, click the Keypad tab.
2. In the Quantity box, enter the item’s desired quantity.
3. With the keypad, enter the SKU in the SKU box.
4. You can use the Clear key to erase and start the entry again.
5. Press or click the Enter

If the item has modifiers attached, the Modifiers for (item) frame. Do one of the following:

  • If modifiers are required, select one or more modifiers (as set in Inventory Management), OR
  • If modifiers are optional select one or more modifiers, or click None.

6. Click OK.
7. The SKU is added to the transaction grid.

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