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Using the Functions Frame Overview


Lined at the top of the frame are up to six individual tabs, each with a specific set of functions.

Interpreting the Functions frame by tab:

  • Quick Items – Allows you to enter items into the transaction grid by selecting pre-loaded quick items.
  • Items by – Allows you to search and add items into the transaction grid by department.
  • Keypad – Allows you to punch in numbers directly onto your screen, rather than using a mouse or keyboard device.
  • Item – Allows you to enter transaction items that do not have a SKU.
  • Customer – Allows you to perform customer-related operations, such as searching for customer records, or adding new customers to the customer book.
  • User Functions – Allows you to perform various cash-register operations such as voiding transactions, processing product returns, and printing reports.

At the top right of the POS screen and directly above the Functions frame, are the user fields.


Interpreting the user fields:

  • User – Name / identifier of the user who is logged into the POS.
  • Customer – Full name of the customer associated with the current transaction.
  • Type – Customer For the range of customer types available, consult your system administrator.
  • Expires – Expiry date of customer’s membership.
  • Clear – Clicking the Clear button will remove all customer information from the user fields, and dissociate them from the current transaction.








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