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How to Use Paste Next Feature

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Paste Next and Paste Actuals features when booking reoccurring tee times.

Paste Next

Paste Next will repeatedly copy and paste an existing reservation a specific number of days out. You can greatly reduce the effort of booking leagues or permanent tee times by using the Copy, Paste, and Paste Next features.

  1. In GolfNow Reservations, book the first league or permanent tee time on the tee sheet.
  2. Right-click league or permanent tee time and then select Copy.
  3. Change the date on your schedule to the very next day or week for the league or permanent tee time.
  4. Right-click on the first tee time for the start of the league or permanent tee time and then select Paste.
  5. Check the Paste Next checkbox, press the OK button, and next week’s time is automatically presented.
    reservation for tech support paste next
  6. Continue pressing the OK button until all of your dates are booked and then hit the Exit button.

Paste Actuals

Use the Paste Actuals checkbox to copy and paste each single player booked as an actual golfer to the reservation. This option works great for leagues and permanent tee times where each individual player is booked to the tee sheet. Follow the same steps as above, by default, Paste Actuals is selected. Use Paste Actuals and Paste Next together to copy and paste multiple reservations. Use Paste Actuals without Paste Next to only paste the reservation once.

reservation for tech support paste actuals

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