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How to Use Mail Merge Fields

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use mail merge fields when creating email templates.

Mail Merge fields are designed to allow further customizing of email messages by pulling specific information from the database.

  1. E-Tools | Marketing
  2. Create New Template or modify an existing
  3. Select mail merge option from Mail Merge Field
    mail merge field
  4. Click Insert
    insert button

Available Mail Merge Fields

Address – Customer Address defined in customer profile.
Address2 – Customer Address2 defined in customer profile.
AwardBalance – Customer Award Balance
City – Customer City defined in customer profile.
CreditBalance – Customer Credit Balance.
ExpirationDate – Customer Expiration Date assigned in customer profile.
FirstName – Customer First Name.
LastName – Customer Last Name.
PostalCode – Custome Postal/Zip Code.
State – Customer State.
YourAddress – Facility (golf course) Address defined in Facility Setup.
YourBookLink – Facility Online Booking Link.
YourEMail – Facility Email defined in Facility Setup.
YourFacility – Facility Name defined in Facility Setup.
YourPhone – Facility phone number defined in Facility Setup.
YouWebPage – Facility URL defined in Facility Setup.

Example Email with Mail Merge

example email with mail merge

  • Used <> instead of Golfer to make Email more customized to the customer. When sent, <> is replaced with the Customer’s First Name pulled from his/her profile.
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