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How to Use Item Labels

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create Item Labels.

Utilities | Labels

Filter Items

There are two methods for filtering sales items to select for item labels. Use the date range fields to filter for sales items received into inventory during that time frame. Or, use the report structure fields to filter items based on Department, Sub-Department, Category, or Sub-Category. Click the Refresh icon to update list of items.

item labels filter

Once items are filtered, use the checkbox to select individual items.
Change the # of Labels column to choose how many labels of each item to print.
By default, the # of Labels column shows how many of each item you currently have in stock.

item labels select

Once you have filtered the items and chosen the appropriate number of labels to print, click Next.

Fields to Display

Toggle the appropriate fields to customize the labels.

item label fields

Item Name: Displays the sales item description
MSRP: If setup, displays the MSRP price of the sales item. If selected, this field name can be customized.
Price: Displays sales price.
Barcode: Displays barcode.

Start Position

item label start

Once the barcode fields and start positions are determined, click Next.

Preview Item Labels

item label preview

  1. Make sure the barcode preview is accurate.
    NOTE: The preview is of a generic item and only previews the fields selected in previous step.
  2. Click Print to see the entire report of item labels.
  3. When ready to print, click the printer icon.
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