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Transferring Inventory from One Store to Another

  1. On the Management Menu, click Purchasing and Receiving. The Purchasing and Receiving page appears.
  2. At the top of the page, click the Transfer tab.
  3. In the Search area, search for SKUs you want to transfer from one store (From Store) to another store (To Store). You can also filter your results by:
    – Department
    – Sub-Department Vendor
    – SKU
  4. A list of SKUs is displayed in the Search Results Select a SKU and click Add to Transfer Form.
  5. In the Transfer Form, under Qty, enter the quantity of the SKU you want to transfer from the From Store to the To Store.
  6. Repeat (4-5) to add additional SKUs to the Transfer Form. To delete a SKU, click the red “X” at the right side of the form.
  7. (Optional) Enter a Packing Number and any Notes about the transfer.
  8. Click Receive Inventory.
  9. The completed Transfer Form appears. You can: Click Print to print a copy of the received PO. Click Email to send a copy via email.

Tip: To see a Receive history for a particular SKU, under Item History, click History. The Inventory Receive History for that SKU appears in a pop-up box.

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