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Time clock administration

Clocked In

1. User logs into GNR and click the Home tab.
2. Click the Time Clock button.

time clock 1

3. By default, the Clocked In section of the Time Clock screen will be in view.
4. To clock out an employee, select the employee that needs to be clocked out.
5. Click the OUT button.
6. Click OK.

time clock 6


Admin users have the ability to view the time clock history, add new time clock entries, update time clock entries and delete time clock entries.

View History

1. Click the Home tab.
2. Click the Time Clock button.

time clock 1

3. Click the History link in the Admin section of the Time Clock Screen.
4. Enter the specific date range in the date text fields or quick date option.
5. Click the Refresh button.

time clock 7

Add New Entry

1. Click the Star button.

time clock 8

2. Choose the Employee.
3. Choose the Area.
4. Enter the In time for the employee.
5. Enter the Out time for the employee.
6. Add any optional notes.
7. Click Save.

time clock 9

Update Entry

1. Select the entry that needs to be updated.
2. Update the employee, area, notes, in and out time as necessary.
3. Click the Update button.
4. Click OK to save changes and exit.

time clock 10

Delete Entry

1. Select the entry that needs to be deleted.
2. Click the Delete button.
3. Click OK to save changes and exit.

time clock 11


The Time Clock report allows you to see time clock history and hours worked for each employee for a specified date range.

1. Click the Reports tab then click the Time Clock button.

time clock 12

2. Click the Reports link in the Time Clock section of the Time Clock screen.

time clock 13

3. Enter a date range or choose a selection from the quick dates option.
4. Choose an Area
5. Choose an Employee.
6. Click Print.

time clock 14

For a printable view of this process, click here.

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