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Table map usage

Discounting a table

  1. To begin, select a tab and then click the “Table” button near the bottom of the “Quick Sale” screen.
  2. You will see two options – “Assign” or “Discount.”
  3. Select “Discount” and enter the desired amount by dollar value or percentage (e.g. 10%, 15%, etc.).
  4. If you are a manager, you will be allowed to discount above the minimum price or max discount configured in the Sales Item Setup.
  5. If you are not a manager, you will only be able to apply a discount up to the max discount amount.
  6. If you choose to discount by dollar amount, it will attempt to take that amount off each item on the tab (pictured, bottom left).
  7. If you choose to discount by percentage, it will attempt to take that percentage off each item (pictured, bottom right).

table 2table 3

Assigning an invoice to a table

There are several ways to assign a tab to table:

  • Select a table from the “table map” screen. You will see in the upper left part of the screen that the tab is now associated with the selected table.
  • Start a tab in the Quick Sale screen, then use the four-square table button to assign a table.
  • Select a tab that has already been created from the “Open Tickets” screen. Tap the “Assign Table” button and select the table for that tab.

Merging tabs at a table

Within Reservations, you are able to assign any number of tabs to a table.

  • There are two open tabs assigned to table 22 (pictued, rop right).
  • To merge these two tabs, select the “Merge” button which will bring up the” tab merge” screen.
  • In this example (pictured, bottom right), you can merge two tabs together at once by selecting from the top and bottom section, then clicking OK. Repeat these steps to merge additional tabs.

table 4

For a printable view, click here.

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