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Table map creation

Managing table maps for your food and beverage system is done through the Table Setup section of the F&B ribbon menu.


Creating Table Areas

To create a new Table Map you must first create a Table Area. A Table Area is the section of your restaurant or bar in which tables are grouped. Common examples include your main restaurant area, bar area, or banquet room.

To add, manage or delete a Table Area:
1. Click on the F&B Ribbon Menu | Table Setup | Areas 
2. Click the Star button.
3. Name your Area.

Once the area is created, you can adjust the name, whether the area is active or not, or change the order priority. The order priority determines the display order (top to bottom) within the Table Map section.


You also have the ability to establish a Default Table Map in the F&B Options Menu. The default map will be the first map to open up when navigating to the table maps.

If you do not establish a default, the Table Area with the lowest number will be the default automatically.

area default

Creating Table Maps

Once you have added a Table Area you can then manage the visual display of your tables. This is known as a Table Map. The Table Map gives your servers the ability to easily associate invoices and seating for a specific table in your restaurant or bar area.

To create a new Table Map:
1. Click on the F&B Ribbon Menu | Table Setup | Maps
2. Select the Table Area to create your Table Map for that specified area.
3. Select the shape and size of your table from the New Table section.
4. Click the Insert button.
5. Move the table by clicking and dragging the table in the Edit View section.
6. Additional Options under Selected Table section:

  • Label: the number or text displayed on the table.
  • X, Y, Axis: fine tune placement of the table on your Table Map.

7. Click the Update button to save your changes.
8. Delete a selected table by clicking the Delete button.
9. Once you have completed modifications, click the OK button.



For a printable view of this process, click here.


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