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Splitting a Transaction

A customer may request that a transaction of two or more items be split. In this way a third party can pay for select items, or, a different payment method can be used to pay for select items.

  1. In the transaction frame, click the desired item(s) to be ‘split out’. Selected items will appear highlighted in Items that have been split out (selected first) will be processed for payment first.
  2. Click the Split Transaction button.

Split out items will remain in the transaction frame for payment processing or they may be held as a new transaction. Once payment has processed or the transaction is held, the remaining items will reappear in the transaction frame for further payment processing, and if necessary, to be split out further.

NOTE: Each of the split transactions will be associated with the first golfer in the group if they have been retrieved from the Customer Book, with the value of the transaction being added to the ‘Purchases to Date’ total for that customer.

Loyalty Points – Once a split transaction is ready for payment processing, the loyalty points shift to the next customer in the group (if a registered customer). If the next customer is not registered, no loyalty points are awarded.


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