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SpamAssassin™ Integration

The “spammyness” check happens behind the scenes and rates an email with a score between 1-5.

  • If your rating is 3.0 or less, your email is considered “Not Spam” and can be scheduled.
  • If your rating is 3.1 or higher, your email is considered “Spam.” You’ll see an error alert that the message cannot be scheduled. In order to re-schedule your email, you must correct the issue.

  1. The SpamAssassin™ box appears on the “Schedule & Review” tab during the process of creating a campaign. The box will say “Checking spam rating…” when you first toggle to that tab. Additionally, the “Send” button will be grayed out.
  2. Once the check is performed and a passing score is received, the “Send” button will become clickable.
  3. If the email is found to be “spammy,” a red box will appear with an error message detailing why the email would be marked as spam. In the example there is a problem with the subject line.
  4. Below is an example of a “spammy” email where the problem is within the content of the email.
  5. If you receive an error message, toggle back to the “Email” tab and correct the issue. Once you toggle back to the “Schedule & Review” tab, the spam check will be re-initiated and performed again.
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