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How to Sort and Filter Sales Items

In this tutorial, you will learn how to sort and filter sales items to narrow down search.

Setup | Sales Items

setup sales items

Customize Layout

  • Move item headers to different locations for a customized view of the sales item list. Click and hold an item Header, then drag and drop to the desired location. The example below shows moving Min Price in between Price and Quantity.

    sales item min price

    After the Drop:

    after the drop

  • The new layout can be saved. Right-click the sales item list, select Grid, and choose Save Layout. Select Restore Layout to return layout to default settings.
    save restore layout

Sort List

  • The row above the first sales item on the list is a search bar. Use this search bar to narrow down a search to items by any of the column headers. In this example the search is narrowed in the Name column by the word “Gift”. Any items that start with “Gift” are shown.
  • Search by multiple columns to narrow down a search even further.
  • Click the Eraser icon on the left to clear any search fields.
    gift item setup
  • Click an item Header to sort sales items. The example below shows the sales item list sorted by Price.
    sort by price
    • Click the header again to sort the opposite direction.
  • A drop-down option is available for columns that are determined by a checkbox. From the drop-down select (All) to show all items with and without the field checked, select False to show items without the field checked, select True to show items with the field checked.

    inventory check

    The example below shows the Sales Item list filtered to only display Non-inventory items.
    display non-inventory items

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