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Slow Printing Receipt


Some customers have noted that there is an undue delay in printing the receipt from the Shopping Cart. To positively identify this issue, you must identify when the delay occurs. If there is a delay after hitting the OK button on the tender screen and the tender screen still appears, then the delay is really in the performance of the posting, most likely a problem with the database. If the delay occurs AFTER the transaction has posted and the payment screen has disappeared, then this delay is documented here. This delay is commonly reported after installing a HP Deskjet printer. The error has been directly attributed to the print job being controlled by the HP software, more specifically the HP I/O tool.


Removing the HP I/O tool

HP has recognized this issue and has detailed procedures to disable the HP I/O functionality. The procedure below references the HP Deskjet 840 printer, but can be applied to any newer HP Deskjet series.

  1. Click start, programs, HP Deskjet 840c Series, HP Deskjet 840c Series Toolbox. If you can not access the HP Deskjet Toolbox, see the instructions below
  2. Click the printer icon in the upper left corner, and select About
  3. Hold the CTRL button down while double clicking the printer icon in the middle of the screen.
  4. When the printer description is shown in the Configuration box, hit the Enter button.
  5. The Configuration screen should open and prompt you to close other applications, click the Continue button.
  6. Click the Remove HP IO button.
  7. Another window may appear confirming that you want to disable HP I/O, If it does, click OK, otherwise skip to next step.
  8. On the Configuration window, Click the OK button.
  9. Click the OK button to return to the Toolbox.
  10. Close the Toolbox window with the close button in the upper right.
  11. Reboot the computer and try to print another receipt.

Finding the HP Deskjet Toolbox

When the HP Deskjet 5550 series and most other HP printers are installed using the printer software CD, the printer assistant is installed also. If the printer assistant is installed, then as a result the printer Toolbox cannot be accessed. In order to get the HP Toolbox to appear as an option to be accessed, you must change the registry.

However, to remove the HP I/O we will have to have access to the HP toolbox. To do so, make the following changes to the registry.

  1. Click Start, Run and type Regedit.
  2. Click the (+) plus sign beside HKEY_LOCALMACHINE.
  3. Click the (+) plus sign beside SOFTWARE.
  4. Click the (+) plus sign beside Hewlett_Packard.
  5. Click the (+) plus sign beside Dugout.
  6. Highlight the 5550 folder.
  7. Modify the value by double clicking QuickHelpFlag, on the right screen, and change the “1” to “0”.
  8. Close the Registry Editor.

You can now access the Toolbox via the printer icon located on the system tray and the printer assistant can be accessed via the Start menu.

Additional Help

If you find these instructions will not work with a specific HP Printer, email their support:

They are usually good about getting back to you fairly quickly. However, when you address them, explain enough for them to understand that we have seen this before and that we do have this situation documented. Some techs did not know this situation existed and were not helpful because they passed blame or began troubleshooting in a different direction.

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