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How to Setup Submission Forms

Setup GolfNow Reservations

GolfNow Reservations automatically generates e-mail confirmations for all GolfNow Information and Birthday form submissions. An Internet connection and e-mail account must be set up for this feature.

Please note that if GolfNow Internet is already set up then your email settings should already be set up as well. Once you are sure that your email account is set up correctly, follow the steps below to personalize your form submission confirmation emails.

Customize Email Messages

  1. E-Tools | Confirmations
  2. Click Mailing List
  3. Enter custom confirmation message. If you desire, use HTML features to enhance the confirmation message.
  4. Click Birthday
  5. Repeat Setup 4.
    Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 3.29.30 PM

Adding Link To Your Webpage

In order for golfers to sign up for the GolfNow Information or GolfNow Birthday programs, a link must be included on the golf course website:

  1. Obtain your Parent ID to properly identify your facility online.
    1. E-Tools | GolfNow Internet
    2. Click (+)
    3. Find IParent
      Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 3.29.37 PM
  2. Use this link on your website and change the field to your IParent/Parent ID found above:
  3. Verify that the link you have generated or GolfNow Reservations has sent you is displaying the appropriate form. Once you have a working link, add the link to your webpage. Feel free to include text to the link such as: “Join Our Mailing List” or “Sign Up For Our Birthday Program”.

Tracking Sign Ups

GolfNow Reservations also gives you the ability to track how popular your mailing list and birthday programs are. In order to display your sign ups:

  1. E-Tools | History
  2. GolfNow Information mailing list sign ups are displayed with a Transaction of EList. GolfNow Birthday with a Transaction of Birthday
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