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How to Setup Push Profiles

In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup Push profiles.

Push Profiles is designed to allow a golf course to create Online Customer Profiles for those customers who should have one based upon their customer type settings but do not. Push Profiles can be used for a group of customers, or a single customer already in the database.

Push Profile – Multiple Customers

Download Spreadsheet

The Profile.xls spreadsheet (included in 14.8.69 and later) is utilized to do the customer import. It can be accessed through the Internet Dashboard under GolfNow Internet | Create Profiles. This is a spreadsheet that will pull out all customers from the GolfNow Reservations database that have an Internet Customer Type and an Email Address, but not an Internet Profile that is synced with the core. Running this spreadsheet requires the following steps.

  1. Save the spreadsheet to the GolfNow Reservations Documents folder.XP – C:Documents and SettingsAll usersApplication DataGolfNow ReservationsDocumentsVista/Win7/Win8 – C:ProgramDataGolfNow ReservationsDocuments
  2. Login to GolfNow Reservations
  3. Reports | Spreadsheets (Browse)
  4. Open “Profile.xls”
    spreadsheets profile
  5. Right Click on the Second Row (Row B) and Select Refresh
    profile xls
  6. Save the results as a CSV (do not use spaces in the file name).

Spreadsheet Import

Once the spreadsheet is created, we can import it into the web database. The import will operate as follows:

  • For customers in the import without a profile;
    • A profile will automatically be created using the provided email address.
    • To use the profile, the customer must click ‘Create Profile’ and enter the email address provided in the import. The customer. The customer’s profile will be identified as in waiting. The customer will get all the rules associated with the Internet Customer Type provided in the import.
  • For customers in the import with an existing profile;
    • The profile will be tagged with the Internet Customer Type that is mapped to the customer’s local Customer Type.
    • The customer is sent down to the core as a Mailing List Entry. GolfNow Internet considers this an “After Hours” transaction. The customer’s profile will be sent to the core at the next sync of GolfNow Internet (usually 5-60 minutes).
    • The information sent up in the import is the information sent back down. This is for security purposes, as we don’t want to send existing profile information to a course that did not collect that information. Additionally, this should allow for a “Silver Four” match, and should prevent duplicates from occurring.
  • After the customer is sent down to the core software, his/her profile will appear in the Rules Wizard.
  1. Log into the GolfNow Internet Dashboard 
    NOTE: Only admin accounts have access to this feature)
  2. Select the golf course that the import will be applied to if you are a multi-course dashboard user
  3. Click on the “Booking Engine” menu item on the left
  4. Click the “Create Profiles” menu item
    dashboard booking engine
  5. Click the Browse button
  6. Select the CSV that was created using the steps in the Profile Spreadsheet section
  7. Click the Generate Profiles Button
  8. Once complete, perform a GolfNow Internet Sync and Rules Wizard Sync

NOTE: Customer Sync Facilities must import the .csv file on the dashboard for each facility who is a member of the sync relationship.


You may receive the message below due to a timeout issue during the import. Retry the import until you receive a confirmation message or a message that displays lines in the import that failed. Either message indicates that the import succeeded regardless of the timeout message.

We’re Sorry!
We were unable to process your request. This is most likely a temporary problem and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you continue to have trouble, please feel free to contact GolfNow Reservations Support at 844-800-4653.

Push Profile – Single Customer

To accomplish the same results as above, but at an individual customer level, follow these steps:

  1. Home | Customers
  2. Right-click Customer
  3. Select Modify
  4. Click Details
  5. Click the button next to Int. ID to to retrieve an internet ID for this customer.
    Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 6.13.05 PM
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