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How to Setup New Users

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup new users.

Creating a Limited User

  1. Log into GolfNow Reservations as your Admin user.
  2. Setup | Users.
  3. Click on the Star Icon to start the process of creating a new user.
  4. Enter Username and Password.
    1. Username Suggestions: First Name and last initial. Last Name. First Initial, Last Name.
    2. Password Requirements: Minimum of 8 characters, 1 lowercase letter, 1 capital letter, and 1 number.
  5. Click Create to add new user to list of existing users.
  6. Follow tabs across the top to further define users’ accessibility.
  7. Once complete, click OK to save changes. User is now able to login at any GolfNow Reservations workstation.

See below information for more advanced User Setup.

General Tab


  • Active – Gives user access to login to GolfNow Reservations. Uncheck Active to deactivate a user.
  • Administrator – Gives user admin rights. This feature triggers an automatic logout when idle for 15-minutes. Not recommended for an everyday user.
  • Install Automatic Updates – Gives user permission to install any GolfNow Reservations updates. Updates are triggered by Customer Support.
  • Automatic Schedule Updates – Automatically prompts user to update schedule at logout if no schedule is create one year from today’s date. (typically left unchecked)
  • View Credit Card Numbers (2013-14) – Gives user access to full customer credit card number. This feature triggers an automatic logout when idle for 15-minutes. Not recommended for an everyday user.
  • View Processor Settings (2015) – Allows user access to credit card processor settings screen. 
  • Security Level – Grants user access to features defined by Security Level Setup. See How to Define Security Levels.

Password Tab

A password was already established at the beginning of this procedure. Only use this tab to reset a user’s password. See How to Reset a Users Password.


  • Rain Check Management – Gives user access to RC Admin in Shopping Cart.
  • Manager Discount – Gives user access to Manager Discount option in Touch Screen.
  • Enable Fast PassSee How to Setup and Use Fast Pass.
  • Color – Assign a color for user’s tabs in the Touch Screen.
  • Process Internet Sales – Allows a user the ability to process a sale from the web site.
  • View/Save Signatures (2013-14) – Allows a user to view saved signatures from a PIN pad device.

Third-Party and Other Tab

  • Third-Party – used to allow program 3rd party access to the database
  • Other – Tie a Customer record to a User apply a Facility, Department, Sub-Department or user number for PMS integration.
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