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How to Setup Golf Shop Credits

In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup and use Golf Shop Credits.

The golf shop credits feature in GolfNow Reservations is designed to give the golf course the ability to manage prize money for leagues, tournaments, or other events. Golf Shop Credits is the GolfNow Reservations terminology of what the golf industry sometimes refers to as chits, prize money, points, pool money, etc. Golf shop credits are awarded as a dollar value.

Credits Sub-Category

Issuing and redeeming golf shop credits is dependent on having a Item Sub-Category created for Credits. If carrying credits over year-to-year, name the sub-category “Credits”. If clearing credits at year-end, name the sub-category “Credits 2012”. Each year a new sub-category is created (Credits 2013, etc).

NOTE: Any item tagged with this sub-category will have the ability to issue or redeem the credits balance from a customer’s profile.

See How to Setup Report Structure

After the sub-category is created, follow these steps to assign the sub-category as the “credits” sub-category in GolfNow Reservations options:

  1. Setup | Options
  2. Point of Sale | General
  3. Click Credits tab
  4. Change Credits drop-down to newly created Credits sub-category.
  5. Click OK
    credit sub category

Credits Sales Items

Now that the sub-category is created, create non-inventory sales items to use for collecting, issuing and redeeming golf shop credits.

Collection Item(s)

In order to better track credit money, or to allow customers to pay for credit money with a credit card, setup a new non-inventory sales item to assist in the credit collection. This item can be generic “Credits – Collected”, or specific to each event, “Credits – GolfNow Reservations Outing Collected”. See the image below for suggested item setup:

collection items

NOTE: Do NOT assign the collection items with the same sub-category used above.

This step is not required. Credits can still be issued and redeemed without using a separate sales item to track the collection process. Collect the credit money in cash, and set aside or in the cash drawer until ready to issue.

Issue and Redeem Item

The sales items used for Issuing and Redeeming Credits are most likely already created in your database. If not, you will need to create two new non-inventory, open-priced sales items. Copy the examples below:

Credits – Issued Item:

credits issued item

Credits – Redeemed Item:

credits redeemed item

Collecting Credits

Use the item created to collect the credit money from the customer. This method can be used at the individual customer level, or if the outing pays in full. See the example transaction below:

collecting credits

After all the customer’s credit money is collected, run a sales report by item category to see the amount of money collected.

Issue Credits

The ‘Credits – Issued’ and the ‘Credits – Collected’ items are used when issuing credits. The ‘Credits – Issued’ item will transfer money into the customer’s credits balance. The ‘Credits – Collected’ item is used as a negative item to debit the credits collected initially (to pay for the transaction).

NOTE: Remember to enter the customer’s name in the shopping cart to ensure the credits are properly issued.

issue credits

Redeem Credits

  1. Enter Customer’s name into shopping cart
  2. Add items for Redemption.
  3. Add “Credits – Redeemed” sales item. The price will automatically change to pay the balance in full or max out the credits balance.
  4. Finish transaction.

redeem credits

NOTE: Cutomer’s credits balances can be issued into the negatives. This allows the golfer to use their credits prior to the golf course posting to their profile.

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