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How to Setup Awards Program

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the awards program.

The Awards Program is designed to give customers an incentive to return to your golf course. The more a customer purchases, the more “awards” he/she will accumulate.

Assign Awards Percentage to Sales Items

NOTE: Awards are issued as a dollar percentage of the sale price. Awards are not accumulated “points”.

  1. Setup | Sales Items
  2. Scroll right to find Awards% column
  3. Enter desired award percentage for appropriate items
    awards column
  4. Click OK to save

Example Awards Program

10% Awards for Green Fees, Cart Fees, and Range.
Redeem Awards for Green Fees and Cart Fees (Monday-Thursday)

Activating Awards Program

Awards accumulate for all customers once a start date is defined. Any transactions from the start date go into consideration when accumulating awards.

  1. Setup | Options
  2. Point of Sale | General
  3. Click Awards Tab
  4. Choose Start Date
  5. Click OK
    awards date

Issue Awards

Anytime a transaction occurs with a customer’s name in the shopping cart, and with one of the items tagged with an Awards %, that customer will receive the percentage back in Awards.

Viewing Awards Balance

  1. Home | Customers
  2. Right-click Customer
  3. Select Modify
  4. Point of Sale | Awards
    awards balance

Redeeming Awards

  1. Enter Customer Name into shopping cart
  2. Enter Sales items for purchase
  3. Enter “Awards Redeemed” Sales Item. Its important it is added as the last item after the items awards should be applied to.
    awards redeem
  4. The Awards Redeemed price will automatically zero out the customer’s awards balance, or zero out the invoice.
  5. Finish transaction.
    awards redeemed

Clear Awards/Year End

  1. Setup | Options
  2. Point of Sale | General
  3. Click Awards Tab
  4. Change Start Date to new Start Date
  5. Awards will start to accumulate from new start date
  6. Click OK

See How to Print Awards Balances on Receipt

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