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Setting Up Stores

There are 2 ways to access the Stores Management page:

  • From the Inventory Management page:
    • On the Management page, click Inventory Management. The Inventory Management page appears.
    • On the right-hand side of the page, click the Edit link next to the Store drop-down list. The Stores Management page appears.
  • From the Global Settings page:
    • On the Management page, click Global Settings. The Global Settings page appears.
    • Scroll to the Inventory section and then click the Stores link. The Stores Management page appears.


  1. Select a store to view or edit from the Store drop-down list or click the Add New button to add a new store.
  2. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Store Name: Name of the store.
    2. Short Name: Abbreviation for the store (to appear in reports, etc).
    3. Address: Street address of the store.
    4. City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code: City, State or Province, and Zip or Postal Code of the store.
    5. Contact Name: Name of contact person for the store.
    6. Phone: Telephone number of the store.
    7. Fax: Fax number of the store.
    8. Email: Email address of the store.
    9. Website: website address of the store.
    10. Store Type: Select a store type from the drop-down list.
    11. Merchant Account: (Courses using Multiple Merchants only) Select from the drop-down list the credit card merchant account of the store.
    12. GL Account: General Ledger code of the store.
    13. Cost of Goods Sold GL Account: Cost-Of-Good-Sold General Ledger code of the store.
    14. Export Store Number: Store number that will display on file exports (for example, GL Export) and reports.
    15. Journal ID: Three character text field.
    16. Inventory GL Account: Inventory General Ledger code of the store.
    17. Store Code: Revenue center that references this store. This code comes from Micros or Hotel Management System (HIS), and relates to the Property Management System (PMS) interface.
    18. Sub-Store Code: Revenue sub-center of the store. This is a mapping for a Revenue Center for PMS. The sub-store can be a Revenue Center (Rev), a Micros Family Group (Grps), or a Sales Itemizer (Izrs), which is equivalent to the Dept-SubDept-SKU structure in ACTIVE Golf – Point-of-Sale.
    19. Statement Transaction Label: Store name to print on customer statements.
    20. Statement Detail: Select from the dropdown list the type of statement to print. Detail statements will include SKUs as well as product descriptions. Summary statements will include product description only.
    21. Statement Footer: Text that appears on the footer of the store’s account statements.
    22. Weather Code: Enter desired code to have an extended weather forecast appear for a specific region in the Weather Conditions window (accessed from tee sheet).
    23. Kitchen Printers: Select Add/Edit to manage the kitchen printers for this store.
  3. Click Save to save the new store or changes to an existing store.
  4. Click Exit to close the page and return to the Inventory Management or Global Settings page.
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