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Setting Up Punch Pass Templates

  1. On the Management Menu, click Global Settings. The Global Settings page appears.
  2. Scroll to the Inventory section and then click the Punch Passes link. The Punch Passes Management page appears.
  3. Select a punch pass template to view or edit from the Template drop-down list, or click the Add New button to add a new template.
  4. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Template Description: Description of the punch pass template.
    2. Sale Restricted to, thru: Date range of which punch passes using this template can be sold.
    3. Area: Select an applicable area. Possible values are “ALL” (associated to all areas), “Residential Area”, “Non-Res Area”, or “Not Defined”. Area is applicable to those with Class interface only.
    4. Age: Select an age group. Possible values are “ALL” (for all age types), “Junior”, “Adult”, or “Senior”.
    5. Customer: Select a customer type. Value of “ALL” means it is associated with all customer types.
    6. Redeemable, thru: Date range through which punch can be redeemed.
    7. Expires: Select an expiration type for the template. Possible values are “Never”, “At End of Sale Month”, “At End of Sale Year”, “In 1 Month”, “In 1 Year” and “On Date” (date must be selected from the pop-up calendar in the box to the right).
    8. Redeem Hours, thru: Time range through which punch passes can be redeemed.
    9. Redeem Days: Select from the check boxes the days on which punch passes can be redeemed. Selecting all check boxes allows punch pass redemption on any day.
    10. Maximum punches allowed to be redeemed per day: Maximum number of punches that can be redeemed per day.
    11. Issued punch count: Number of punches redeemable for issued punch passes.
    12. Redemption Value (for issued punch count): The dollar amount that will be deducted from the total amount of a POS transaction when a punch pass using this template is redeemed. This normally represents the equivalent walk-up price of each punch in a punch pass. For example, a 1-punch pass for greens fees can be sold for $10.00, but the actual walk-up price for the greens fee is actually $12.00, so $12.00 is the redemption value that will be deducted from the transaction amount when a punch is redeemed. This field is only used for items that are of the “Punch Redeem” Item Type.
    13. Issued Over-punch count: Number of punches allowed on a punch pass for customers who have already redeemed all the punches in their punch pass. Default is 0.
    14. Redemption Value (for over-punch count): The dollar amount that will be deducted from the total amount of a POS transaction when an over-punch is redeemed. This field is only used for items with the “Punch Redeem” Item Type.
  5. Click Save to save the new punch pass template or changes to an existing template.
  6. Click Exit to close the page and return to the Inventory Management page.

NOTE: If the customer has used up all their punches, and the punch pass allows over-punching (for example, the Issued Over-punch count field is greater than 0), the Issued Over-punch count Redemption Value will be deducted from the transaction price instead of the standard Issued punch count Redemption Value.

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