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Setting Up Payment Types

The Payment Types Management page allows you to enable or disable payment types of your choice for the Point of Sale (POS). In addition, you can select drawer instance options and GL accounts for each payment type.

  1. On the Management Menu, click Global Settings. The Global Setting page appears.
  2. Scroll to the Inventory section and click the Payment Types link. The Payment Types Management page appears.
  3. From the Payment Type drop-down list, select a payment type.
  4. Select any of the following options for the selected payment type:
    1. Active: Displays the selected payment media type in POS.
    2. Prompt for Amount: Displays prompt in POS for manual entry.
    3. Open Drawer: Opens cash drawer each time payment is processed.
    4. Allow Cash Change: Allows user to issue cash change to customer after payment is received. The Allow Cash Change feature will not be available for the following payment types: Credit, Rain Check, and Loyalty Points.
    5. Display on Count Drawer: Displays payment type on Count Drawer page for tender counting purposes.
  5. To assign a GL account to the selected payment type, do one of the following:
    1. Click the dropdown list button to the right of the GL Account box.  This will open the GL Account pick list page, where you can click to select any of the listed GL accounts.
    2. Enter the GL Account number or name directly in the GL Account box.
  6. Click Save to save any changes you’ve made.

NOTE: For all GL Account fields, you cannot enter any of the following characters: ‘ ” & # % + [ ] < > . However, “.” and ““are permitted.

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