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Setting Up Credit Card Encryption

Setting up credit card encryption allows you to process credit card payments without storing credit card information, greatly increasing your PCI compliance. Credit card payments are processed using a credit card terminal device (which encrypts the credit card information) and either a Mercury Payment Systems or ETS merchant account. To set up credit card encryption:

  1. Order the proper credit card terminal device through a GEN account manager, for Mercury, the Magtek IPAD and for ETS, the Ingenico iSC 250.
  2. Click Global Settings. In the Security section, select Enforce https Connections. Save your changes.
  3. To configure stations to use the Magtek IPAD device:
    1. Click Station Settings.
    2. Under Credit Card Processing, select
    3. Under Merchant Account, select your Mercury Payment Systems or ETS account. If the desired option is not listed, click Edit, click Add New, and then select your choice from the Software dropdown. For Mercury Payment Systems, enter the Merchant Number and End to End Encryption Merchant Number and Migration Merchant Number if necessary. You will receive your Merchant account information from your Mercury account manager when setting up your account. For ETS, enter the Client ID and Master Key. You will receive your Merchant account information from your Mercury account manager when setting up your account.
    4. For Mercury Payment Systems, from the Credit Card Terminal dropdown, select Magtek IPAD.
    5. For ETS, enter the Terminal ID provided by ETS in the Payment Software Station.
    6. You must make the above changes for every station that processes credit card transactions. Change the station using the Station dropdown at the top of the Stations Management page.
    7. Save your changes.
  4. Click Global Settings. Under Accounts, select your Mercury Payment Systems on ETS Account.
  5. Click Global Settings. Under Courses, click the Edit link, For each course, select your Mercury Payment Systems or ETS account from the Merchant Account dropdown.
  6. When ready to begin using end-to-end encryption for your credit card transactions, click Global Settings. Under Security, select Enforce Credit Card End to End Encryption.
  7. Save your changes.

NOTE: When using Mercury Payment Systems, and when there is previous credit card data stored in GEN, you must notify Mercury 24 hours prior to activating end-to-end encryption (Step 6, above). Mercury will provide a Migration Merchant number that you must enter in Merchant Account Management (Step #C, above). The Migration Merchant number will expire seven days after it is issued.

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