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The Season Template Utility is used to modify your current tee sheet as well as to load in future dates in your schedule. Each course will have a unique setup but this procedure will give you a general idea of how to navigate through it. Before configuring your template you’ll want to make sure your Courses are set up properly. Then you can open the utility under Utilities | Season Template.

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Basic Setup

  • The utility is setup as a wizard so it walks you through different steps, the first step is just an introduction so you can click the right arrow to move to “step 2.”

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  • This is where you will craft the layout of your template,
    1. If you are starting from scratch click on the gold star to create a new template. Give it a name that identifies its primary usage. You can create as many different templates as you need.
    2. If you need to adjust an existing template find it in the drop down list.

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  • Start in the left most column Use Course selecting the course you want to use. If working from an existing template you can change the course that is currently listed as needed.
  • Then you can move on to the On Days column, and select which days of the week you want that course to appear on. If you need a course to appear on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for example, you’ll need to set up three rows with the same Course to accomplish this.
  • Adjust the From and To columns, these are the times of day during which that Course will appear on your schedule. If you need a Course to appear during two separate time frames during the day you can add an additional row.
  • Input the interval at which you want the course to appear on your tee sheet in the With Interval column. In the example above, a tee time would be loaded every 10 minutes during the time span specified. If you want it to rotate between 7 and 8 minutes start times for example, use 7.5 as your interval.
  • Once you have finished configuring your template click the Save button and then the right arrow to move on to the next step.
  • In “step 3,” you have to pick what you would like to do with that template. Read each description carefully to make the correct selection. Most commonly you are going to use Purge and Load.

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  • Click the right arrow to again move on to the next step.
  • In “step 4,” select the data span for which you want that template to appear. Once those are set, click the right arrow to head to the next step.
  • “Step 5” is a preview of how the template will appear on your tee sheet. If you see a mistake simply use the left arrow to navigate back to “Step 2” and change the template to correct it. Once you have reviewed all the days of the week click the right arrow to head on to the final step.

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  • In the final step you can double check the date span you have selected and then click the start button to load in the tee sheet.

After Loading

Go to Home | Schedule to bring your tee sheet back up and check for any errors. If there were any times that could not be purged an error log will be generated. Times that are taken by a reservation or block will not be purged. You will need to move or remove these and then execute the purge and load again.

If you want to load that same template for a different date span simply click back to step 4 of the utility and select a different date span. Then push forward to “step 6” to click start and load it in again.


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