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Searching For and Adding Customers

When performing a transaction in GEN POS, assuring the transaction is associated with the customer’s account will ensure that Customer Management remains up to date. There are two ways to associate customers with transactions:

  • If your GEN POS is integrated with GEN Tee Sheet, customer details from the tee sheet will be transferred to the POS automatically when you move the tee time to the POS.
  • Association can occur from a customer search on the Search for a Customer page in the POS.

If the customer does not exist in Customer Management, you can add them through the POS.

Searching for a Customer

If a customer hasn’t already been associated with the current transaction, you may need to search for the customer.

1. In the frame at the top-right, click the Customer tab. The Search for a Customer page appears in the frame.
2. To narrow your search results, do any of the following:

  • Enter the last name in the Last Name box and the first name in the First Name box.
  • In Home Phone box, enter the customer’s home phone number.
  • In the Alt ID box, enter the customer’s alternate ID (for external systems).

3. Click Search. The Customer Search Results screen appears in the frame.

Interpreting the Customer Search Results page by column:

  • Name – Name of customer.
  • Customer ID – Identification number of customer.
  • Address – Home address of customer.
  • City – Customer’s city of customer.
  • Phone – Home phone number of customer.

Adding a New Customer

To add a new customer record:

1. Do one of the following:

  • From the Management Menu, click Customer Management. OR
  • In POS, in the top-right frame, click the Customer tab, and then click Customer Management.

2. Below the Customer Search Results frame at left, click Add New.
3. Complete the customer’s profile and then click Save.

The customer record you’ve created is added to Customer Management.

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