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Searching for a SKU

When adding items to the transaction grid, you may be required to perform a SKU search to look up certain items.

1. In the Quick Items, Items by Dept. OR Keypad tab, click the Search button to the right of the SKU box.

The Search for a SKU page appears in the frame.


2. To narrow your search results, do any of the following:

  • From the Store drop-down list, select a store for the desired SKU.
  • From the Department drop-down list, select a department for the desired SKU.
  • In the SKU box, enter a SKU number. Search results will be limited to SKUs beginning with the entered characters.
  • In the Description box, enter a description that best matches the SKU. Search results will be limited to SKUs with descriptions containing the entered characters.

3. Click Search.

The SKU Search Results page appears in the frame. Double click the desired item to add it to the Transactions frame.


Interpreting the SKU Search Results page by column:

  • Sub-Department – Name of SKUs sub-department
  • SKU – SKU code
  • Description – SKUs item description
  • Regular Price – Regular price of item

NOTE: Search results in excess of 100 entries will yield partial results. In this case, it is recommended that you try a new search with additional filters.

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