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Samsung SRP-270 (V1.2.1)

Samsung SRP Model devices are used as a network printer for the Kitchen and Bar tickets.


Click here to download version 1.2.1 of the configuration software.

Configure the Printer

  1. Turn off the receipt printer,
  2. Press and hold the feed button, turn on the receipt printer,
  3. Wait for a beep and then release the feed button,
  4. A receipt with printer configurations will print. Set this aside.
  5. Press and release the feed button again…another jibberish receipt will print,
  6. Note the “Baud Rate” value on the configuration receipt.
  7. Double-click the Configurator V1.2.1 file to run it,
  8. Click the ellipse button to the right of the Ethernet address,
  9. Click the Browse button,
  10. Click the MAC address listed so that it is highlighted and click OK,
  11. Click the Get parameters button and many of the the fields will populate,
  12. Set the IP Mode to Static IP, and set the IP Address to 192.168.x.190 or some other IP address that is not already taken,
  13. Under TCP port, enter 9100,
  14. Under Baud rate, select the value that printed on the test receipt,
  15. Set Data Bits to the value that printed on the test receipt,
  16. Set Parity to the value that printed on the test receipt under Parity Check,
  17. Click the Set parameters button,
  18. User will be “admin” and password will be “admin”,
  19. Click OK,
  20. A small window will say Setup Complete, click OK,
  21. Close the program.

Install the Printer in Windows

  1. Go to Start | Control Panel | Printers and Faxes,
  2. Click Add Printer,
  3. Click Next,
  4. Choose Local printer attached to this computer, and uncheck Automatically detect my plug and play printer,
  5. Click Next,
  6. Select Create a new port and choose Standard TCP/IP Port and click Next,
  7. The Create new TCP/IP Port wizard will appear. Click Next,
  8. Under Printer Name or IP Address enter the IP Address that you specified in the configuration software above, and click Next,
  9. Select Custom under the Device Type section and click Settings,
  10. Make sure the Protocol is set to Raw and the Port Number is 9100. Click OK,
  11. Click Next,
  12. Click Finish on the final step of the wizard,
  13. The wizard will then come to the manufacturers window, click Have Disk,
  14. Browse to the GolfNow Reservations CD,
  15. Double-click the Printers folder, double-click the Tmdrve folder, and double-click the Win2000 folder,
  16. Highlight the OEMSETUP.INF file and click Open,
  17. Click OK,
  18. Select the Epson TM-U200B Partial Cut printer and click Next,
  19. Select no for the default printer and click Next,
  20. Select no to share the printer and click Next,
  21. Select yes to print a test page and click Next,
  22. Click Finish to install the printer,
  23. During the copy process, a window will pop up asking for the CD. Click OK and then click Browse,
  24. Highlight the RASDD.DL_ file and click Open, then click OK,
  25. The wizard will complete and the test page will print.

Configure the SRP-270 Impact Printer in GolfNow Reservations

  1. Setup | Hardware
  2. Click Printers
  3. Click Kitchen or Bar Tab
  4. Click SRP-270 under Installed Printers
  5. Select Font as Standard
  6. Select Size as Standard
  7. Click OK
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