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How to Run the Utilization Report

In this tutorial, you will learn how run the weather summary report.

  1. Summary | Utilization
    summary utilization report
  2. Change Date Range
  3. Change Interval
  4. Change Report Details

utilization report

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale report breaks down sales into green fees, non-green fees, and golfer average.

Tee Sheet

The Tee Sheet report displays the amount of green fees sold from the tee sheet as well as the amount of tee
times booked, blocked, rained out and percent utilized.


The Legacy Utilization report is grouped by month with detail to the day of the month and total by month, course, course type and grand total. The Legacy report runs for the entire season. Therefore, dates in the future only contain reserved and available values.

Once the report is open, the utilization report threshold can be set to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and days of week intervals for either the Point of Sale (Fore! Sell only) or Tee Sheet Utilization reports. Days of week can be broken down further by an hourly interval. Use the left-side panel to make these changes. Click Refresh Report.

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