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Recurring billing – Automated statements

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create statements using the recurring billing function within the Reservations billing wizard.

1. In GolfNow Reservations, click on the Utilities Tab. Select the Billing Wizard Button.

Min. Charge 1

2. Click on the Recurring Button under the Automatic section on the left side panel.

Min Charge 2

3. Click New.

Min charge 3

4. Under the General Tab, give the task a name as well as an appropriate description.

  • Ensure the task is set to Active.
  • Under the Run As field, set the appropriate Employee, Facility, Area, and Machine you would like the charge to be run as (for reporting purposes).
  • Please Note: The task name cannot include the “/” or “\” character currently. If the character is used, the task will not be recognized within Task Manager. You will receive an error stating there was a problem creating the task on the server when trying to save.

5. Under the Schedule Tab, select the start date and time as well as how often you would like the recurring charges to happen. Options below:

  • DailyMin charge 5
  • WeeklyMin charge 6
  • Monthly
    • Select a particular group of months in which you would like the charges to run
    • Select all months

  • Days
    • Choose which day of the selected months in which you would like the charge to run
    • Choose a particular day (i.e.: Last Friday of each month) on which you would like it to run

Min charge 8

6. Under the Customer Tab, select groups to bill by selecting appropriate Billing Classes and Categories.
Min charge 9

7. Under the Billing Tab, action must be set to Create Statements. Choose the item(s) you are charging the specific billing class, selected in step 6.


  • Choose Invoice Detail, Invoice Summary, or Extended Invoice Detail
  • Check the different options below that you would like to include on this particular statement task


statements 3

  • Choose the Range you would like the statement to run for.

statements 4

  • Choose a Due Date, if applicable.

statements 5

  • Set a Title and Message you would like to show on the statement.

8. The History Tab, will show the running log of changes or tasks created from the recurring wizard.

Min charge 12

9. Click Save Changes. The Billing Wizard will now run at the scheduled time you set and create the statements selected in step 7 for each member’s account.

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