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“Range-Express” ball dispenser integration

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This document describes the Range-Express integration from Easy Picker.

Two files are installed with GolfNow Reservations, repins.dll and resql.xml. Both of these files are provided by Easy Picker.

  • dll: This file is used by GolfNow Reservations to retrieve the PIN number.
  • xml: This file is used by repins.dll to determine where the Range-Express database is located.


Third party integration

  1. In GolfNow Reservations, click on the Third party tab, and select Range Systems.
  2. Select the Range-Express system from the dropdown menu and assign the following values:
    • Uses: The number of times the issued PIN can be used.
      • The default is 1
      • Valid values are 1 to 5
    • Expire Days: The number of days the PIN number will be valid for.
      • The default is 1
      • Valid values are 1 to 365

Range Express #3

Sales Items Setup

  1. In GolfNow Reservations, click on the Setup tab, and click on the Sales Item button.
  2. Locate the range sales item being sold at the golf course and click Modify. Setup the bucket size under Other Options Tab and enter the Range Value (see below).
    • Range: The bucket size. Valid values are:
      1. Small
      2. Medium
      3. Large
      4. Jumbo

Range Express #2

Range-Express Configuration

In the GolfNow Reservations application folder, find the file resql.xml and edit it.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\GolfNow Reservations\resql.xml
  • Note: This file may require Admin rights to edit. Open Notepad with “Run as Administrator” and then browse to open the file.

The contents of this file look like the following:

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.58.23 AM


The name of the SQL Server that contains the Range-Express database.

  • This value needs to be modified to point to the correct server.


The name of the database.

  • This will most likely always be “rangeexpress.”


The username used to connect to the database.

  • This will most likely always be “re.”


If the resql.xml file is not configured correctly or there is no access to the Range-Express server, and an error is thrown. The error always contains the word “Error” followed by a single number 0 to 9. The following error is Error0.

Range Express 4

Note: A PIN number is always a 6 digit string which may or may not contain leading zeros. Valid examples are:

  • 012345
  • 001234
  • 123456
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