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Processing Payments by Loyalty Points

If your organization has a loyalty points program in effect, customers can redeem their loyalty points towards their purchases in the Point of Sale. The customers who are eligible to collect and redeem loyalty points, and the items that can be paid for with loyalty points, are subject to your system settings.

If you have any further questions, consult your system administrator. To process payment with loyalty points:

  1. In the Transaction frame, click to select the desired item(s) to be paid with loyalty points.
  2. In the Payment frame, click the More tab and then click Loyalty Points.

The Redeem Loyalty Points page appears in the frame.

Note: You can only redeem loyalty points if the total value of the selected items is greater than 0. You can still redeem points if individual items have negative values, as long as the total is greater than 0.

  1. If there isn’t already a customer associated with the transaction in progress, do the following (required):

– Enter the customer’s name in the Name box.
– Enter the customer’s customer or alternate ID in the Customer/Alternate ID box.

  1. Review the loyalty points redemption details and then click Split Payment. A ‘Payment Loyalty Points’ item is added to the transaction grid.
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