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Processing Payments by Gift Card or Certificate

When processing a payment with a gift card/certificate in the Point of Sale, you must first search for the correct gift card/certificate, and then redeem it.

To process payment with a gift card/certificate:

  1. In the Transaction frame, click to select the desired item(s) to be paid with a gift card/certificate.
  2. In the Payment frame, click the More tab and then click Gift Card/Certificate.

The Search for Gift Card/Certificate page appears in the above Functions frame.

  1. Perform a search for the desired gift card/certificate.

Once you have selected the desired gift card/certificate from the search results, the Redeem a Gift Card/Certificate page appears.


  1. In the Amount box, enter the payment amount ($).
  2. Review the gift card/certificate redemption details and then click Split Payment.

A ‘Payment by Gift Card/Certificate’ item is added to the transaction grid. GEN receipt will show remaining gift balance after redemption.

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