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Printing a Transaction on the Kitchen

Use the Send to Kitchen/Bar function to print a receipt on a kitchen or bar printer.

NOTE: For this option to be available, you must enable a Port for the printer and set Print to Kitchen/Bar to “Manually”. If you set Print to Kitchen/Bar to “Automatically when completing Transaction”, then the receipt prints automatically, and this button is unavailable in POS.

To print a transaction on the Kitchen or Bar printer:

  1. Highlight the item(s) to be printed.
  2. At the bottom of the Point of Sale frame, click Send to Kitchen/Bar. A pop-up transaction window appears while the printing is in progress. During this time, the other functions in the Transaction frame (Select All, Hold, , are unavailable).
  3. Once the printing completes, the Transaction frame refreshes, with the item(s) no longer highlighted, and all functions available.

NOTE: Items already printed to the Kitchen/Bar on recalled transactions will display with a gray background in the transaction grid.

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