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PMS Emulator Setup

GolfNow Reservations PMS Emulator Installation

Please contact GolfNow Reservations Customer Support to activate this feature.

PMS Emulator Configuration

The GolfNow Reservations PMS emulator must be configured before it can be used. This configuration includes selecting the items to be posted when accepting charges and configuring the communications information to match the settings on the point of sale system.

  1. Setup | Options.
  2. Under Point of Sale click PMS
  3. Click on the PMS Emulator tab.
  4. Select the Facility.
  5. Select the Area where charges are to be posted.
  6. Select the Machine where charges are to be posted.
  7. Select up to four items to hold invoice breakouts. The categories and their corresponding totals for these items reflect transactions posted here. These items should be descriptive enough so your A/R customers can easily understand the charges. The item names should also have a similar name to the point of sale system categories (i.e. food, beverages, alcohol and/or desserts). If an invoice is posted to an item with no category, the invoice posts, but an error is logged.
  8. The PMS specification includes a category for total invoice discount. Unfortunately, using such a designation results in A/R statements with discount as a negative price for the invoice. Thus, we recommend that the point of sale system send the discounted price. A zero price would then be sent over for the discount item. If you select to implement the discount item, select the sales item in the discount item combo box.
  9. Select the item for service charges. Similar to the discount item, the service charge item is a sales item used for are any service charges placed on the invoice. The service charge item corresponds to the keyboard service charge category in the PMS specification.
  10. Select the item used for automatic service charges. The auto service charge item is the sales item used if there are any service charges automatically placed on the invoice by the point of sale system.
  11. Select the COM Port used for the direct connection. This number is usually set at one.
  12. Select the baud rate, stop bits, parity and data bits used to communicate with the point of sale system. These numbers all must match the point of sale system to ensure communication.
  13. Keep the logging checkbox clear. When troubleshooting, a GolfNow Reservations Support staff member may have you check it to view the status of each transaction.
  14. The connection timeout is the amount of time in seconds a connection is held before it is dropped. If your course experiences a high volume of transaction through the point of sale system you may increase this time limit to enhance performance. For most courses a timeout of 60 seconds should be more than adequate.
  15. Click on the PMS tab.
  16. Click the Enable PMS option. This will allow you to view the PMS tax column in the tax table.
  17. Click OK to save changes.
  18. Setup | Point of Sale | Tax Table
  19. Change the PMS Tax column to numbers one through four for the taxes that correspond to the tax categories in the point of sale system. If an invoice is posted to a tax number not found in GolfNow Reservations, the invoice will post, but an error is logged in the system application log.
  20. Click OK to save changes.
  21. Exit GolfNow Reservations
  22. Log back into GolfNow Reservations.
  23. Setup | Users.
  24. Click specific user.
  25. Click Other Tab
  26. Set the PMS category for each user to be the same as the point of sale system. In the point of sale system, each user has a user name (that may be a number) and an employee ID. The employee ID must match the number in the PMS field in the User setup. The User name in the food and beverage and the user name in GolfNow Reservations are irrelevant. Each employee that posts transactions in the Food and Beverage system must be a user in GolfNow Reservations. If an invoice attempts to post but the employee number is not in GolfNow Reservations, the invoice does not post and an error is generated to the point of sale system. If a user is set as inactive in GolfNow Reservations but the point of sale system still attempts to post an invoice to that employee, the invoice will post under the inactive employee. Thus, it is possible to prevent food and beverage staff from accessing GolfNow Reservations by inactivating their user name in GolfNow Reservations.
  27. Click OK to close the User screen
  28. Exit GolfNow Reservations.
  29. Reboot the computer to make all changes effective, noting that a reboot is required to make all future PMS changes effective.
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