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How to Perform a Physical Inventory

In this tutorial, you will learn how perform a physical inventory.

Utilities | Physical Inventory

GolfNow Reservations highly recommends performing an inventory during after hours, not while sales are being made.

Step 1

  1. Read Summary
    Inv 1

Step 2

  1. Print worksheet to count inventory quantities
  2. Select how to organize the item on the report you print. (Alphabetic, Department, Sub-Department, Item Category, or Vendor)
  3. Click Print and print out worksheet
    Inv 2
  4. Click Next

Step 3

  1. Enter inventory counts
  2. Click Edit
  3. Enter totals for each item
  4. Use the User columns for each person’s counts
    inv edit
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Click Next

Step 4

  1. Choose Type of Inventory
  2. Partial Inventory or Full Inventory (typically you are going to do partial to ensure you don’t accidentally zero out an item).
    inv 4
  3. Click Next

Step 5

  1. Print variance report
    inv 5
    If needed, return to step 3 to make adjustment. In this example there are some obvious issues.

Step 6

  1. Click Roll Inventory
    inv 6
  2. Click Yes to confirm
  3. Click OK
  4. Click Close
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