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Processing Internet Orders in GolfNow Reservations

The Internet Orders screen can be opened by selecting the E-Tools tab and then the Internet Orders button in the Internet tab group.

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The Internet Orders screen can also be opened by clicking the Internet Orders notification button in the status bar.

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The Internet Orders screen displays all orders with some basic information in the grid.

  1. Select an internet order to process.
  2. Bring order into the Shopping Cart and click Pay.
  3. Only payment media available should be your internet store payment media.
  4. Post the sale so inventory and sales history are updated properly.
  5. After it’s processed, you can retrieve the shipping address and ship to the customer if necessary.
  6. Once “shipped” you can mark that in the software as well as finish out the order.

Note: If it was a gift card that was sold online, you will issue it the same way you’d issue a normal gift card sale (Process Found Here).

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