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In this tutorial, you will learn how to properly use the note functionality in GolfNow Reservations to help track and identify profiles and reservations.

Customer notes

When creating or modifying customer profiles, use the Notes field to enter additional information to help identify that customer.

customer notes

Reservation notes

When booking reservations, enter any additional reservation information into the reservations notes to help track and identify that reservation. This note will stay with the reservation if moved.

reservation notes

Detail notes

When needing to make a note on a specific tee time, use the details notes.

  1. Right-click a tee time on the schedule.
  2. Click Details.
  3. Enter Note for that tee time.
  4. Click OK
    notes details

This will place red dot on the tee time, indicating a note has been placed. Hover over the red dot to read the note. Follow the above steps to change, remove, or create a new note.

tee time notes


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