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Modifying Other Tee Sheet Settings

  1. On the Tee Sheet, on the Edit tab at the right-hand side of the page, click Modify Tee Sheet. The Modify Tee Sheet pop-up window appears.
  2. From the Course dropdown list, select a course to modify.
  3. The Start Date and End Date default to the current Tee Sheet To change the date range, click in the date fields to open a pop-up calendar and select new dates.
  4. Enter a Start Time and End Time. You can enter times in any of the following formats:
  5. Set how often the Tee Sheet settings are repeated. In the Repeat section, do one of the following:
    1. Select Daily, then in the Every days box, enter the number of days you want the Tee Sheet to repeat, OR
    2. Select Weekly, then on the adjacent graphic, select on which day(s) of the week you want the Tee Sheet settings to repeat.
  6. Modify any of the following settings as required:
    1. Allow 9 Holes: Select from the dropdown list to open the course for 9-hole play.
    2. 18 Holes: Select from the dropdown list to open the course for 18- hole play.
    3. Allow Ride: Select from the dropdown list to allow riding a cart on the course.
    4. Walk: Select from the dropdown list to allow walking on the course.
    5. Minimum VIP: Select from the box the minimum membership level of customers who will be allowed to book tee times. The hierarchy of membership levels, from highest to lowest, is “Platinum”, “Gold”, “Silver”,” n/a” (you can set a customer’s VIP level in Customer Management). For example, if the Minimum VIP setting is “Gold”, only “Gold” and “Platinum” members will be allowed to book (“Silver” and “n/a” members will not be allowed). If Minimum VIP setting is “n/a” (the default setting), everyone is allowed.
    6. Minimum Group Size: Select from the dropdown list the minimum number of people allowed to book this tee time. For example, if set to 2, only two-somes or more can book it. If set to 1, single golfers can book the time slot.
    7. Reservation Type: To restrict bookings to only a particular type, select a reservation type from the dropdown list (e.g. 9 Hole League or 18 Hole League). To allow blocking of groups of tee time slots, select Block. To clear all Reservation Type restrictions, select Open Play.
    8. Web Reservation: Select from the dropdown list whether to allow bookings via the Internet.
    9. Back 9: Select from the dropdown list which course template to use for holes 10-18.
    10. Turn Minutes: Enter the estimated length of time (in minutes) between when players finish the Front 9 holes and tee off on the Back 9.
    11. Shotgun Label: Enter a label to display for tee times which are part of a shotgun tournament (where players’ first hole is a random hole on the course). To remove the label, select Remove Label.
    12. Rate: Select from the dropdown list the rate to charge for reservations.
    13. Description: Enter a text description for these Tee Sheet modifications. To remove the text, select Remove Description.
  7. Click Modify to apply the new settings.
  8. Click Exit to return to the Tee Sheet.
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