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How to Merge Customers

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to merge two customers in GolfNow Reservations.

Start a Merge Process

Customers can be merged with one of three methods:

  • Drag and drop the customer to remove onto the customer to keep.
    list drag drop merge
  • Select the customer to remove in the grid and select Merge in the toolbar. Then select the customer to keep.
    list merge click
  • Select the row selector for the customer to remove. Then select the row selector for the customer to keep.
    list merge row selectors

Select Values to Keep

After two customers are selected to merge, the Customer Merge screen will display.

By default, the customer to keep is in the left column and the customer to remove is in the right column. If the customer to keep does not have a value defined for a field but the customer to remove does, the field of the remove customer will highlighted to be kept after the merge.

Select the fields to keep after the merge by selecting each field so it is highlighted yellow. You can select a field using one of three methods:

  • Select the field by clicking it with the mouse.
  • Navigate through the grid with the arrow keys and use the space bar to toggle a field.
  • To quickly select an entire column, right click the grid and select which customer fields to keep.

merge select all

Complete the Merge

When each field to keep after the merge is highlight yellow, select the Merge button.

The customer in the second column is now removed from the database and the customer in the first column is now updated with all the values selected in the grid.


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