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Menu category setup

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Menu categories

There is a new feature to help with organizing items called “Categories.” These can be used to create alternate menus for options including “Happy Hour,” “Breakfast,” “Event,” Weekend” and others.

You will see these displayed down the left-hand side of the Quick Sale touch screen interface (pictured, below).

nav menu 1

Menu category configuration

Navigate to the “Categories” button on the F&B menu. Once there, you can configure the following:

  1. Create new Categories and name them accordingly. You can also change the names of existing Categories. After an upgrade, the original menu layout will be named “Main Menu.” This can also be changed if desired.
  2. The “Active” box can be toggled to have a Category either shown or hidden.
  3. The “Order” box allows you to establish the organization of the listed categories in the touch menu. They will be in ascending order based on the number assigned.
  4. The “Color” field allows you to change the highlight of the Category field. Please note, this does not affect the color of the button on the actual touch interface.

menu cat 1

Managing menu display – category times

In addition to being able to create Categories, you can also set “Category Times” for when specific categories should be available (e.g. “Happy Hour”). Outside of the time specified, it will hide that specific Category.

Configuring the Category Times is done under the “Category Times” button on the F&B menu.

Once under the “Category Times” screen, you can select a Category from the list on the left and configure the days/times when you want that category to be displayed within the touch interface portal.

  1. Select the day of the week on which the category will be available. In this example, we are configuring “Happy Hour” for Monday.
  2. Toggle whether it is available all day or not. If you select “No,” it will allow you to configure the time frame during which it should be available.
  3. If necessary, configure the time range that it will be available for on the specific day selected.
  4. Finally, hit the “Add” button. Once added, you can configure the other times for that category by repeating steps 1-3.

menu cat 3

If you need to remove a time frame from the list, select the checkbox or checkboxes, and then hit the “Delete” button.

menu cat 4

You have now completed the Menu Category Times Setup. Categories will appear in the Touch Screen portal at their allotted times.


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