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Managing Transactions

After items have been selected for sale, GEN Point of Sale users may want to change various aspects of their transactions items. All items and available functions will appear in the Transactions Frame. Functions include:

  • Adjusting Item Quantity
  • Removing an Item
  • Applying a Regular or Alternate Price to an Item
  • Adjusting Item Price
  • Removing Item Tax
  • Replacing a SKU
  • Placing a Transaction on Hold
  • Recalling a Transaction
  • Splitting a Transaction

Viewing the Transaction Frame and Grid

In every Point of Sale transaction, entered items will appear in the transaction grid of the transaction frame. This frame contains important information about the items in your transaction grid.

Interpreting the Transaction Grid by Column:

  • Quantity – Quantity of the item.
  • Item – Description and SKU of the item. Clicking the SKU link opens the SKU Details window.
  • Price – Price of item.
  • Adjustment – Dollar amount of price adjustment.
  • Tax – Tax amount added to item.
  • Net – Net price of item; the price, plus applicable price adjustments and taxes.

Viewing the SKU Details

Interpreting the SKU Details window:

  • SKU – SKU number.
  • Description – Description of item.
  • Tax: Tax rate applied to the item. Specifies whether the tax is added to or included in the price.
  • Quantity on Hand – Quantity of items available in stock.
  • Regular Price – Regular price of item.
  • Alternate Price – Alternate price of item. This allows for tiered retail pricing for select customer or golfer types.
  • MSRP – Item manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
  • Assigned Regular Cost – Unit cost of item.
  • Calculated Average Cost – Average cost of item.
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