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Managing Customer Records

Accessing Customer Management

To access Customer Management from the Management Menu, click Customer Management.

GNR2 Customer Management

Adding a Customer Record

1. In the lower left corner of the page, click Add New.
2. On the Profile tab, complete the following fields:


  • Select from the dropdown list the customer’s title. Possible titles are “Mr”, “Miss”, “Mrs”, “Ms”.

First Name

  • Enter the customer’s first name.

Middle Name

  • Enter the customer’s middle name.

Last Name

  • Enter the customer’s last name.


  • Enter the customer’s street address.


  • Enter the city where the customer resides.


  • Select from the dropdown list the customer’s state or providence.

Zip/Postal Code

  • Enter the customer’s zip code or postal code.

Home Phone

  • Enter the customer’s home phone number, which can include area code and extension.

Work Phone

  • Enter the customer’s work phone number, which can include area code and extension.


  • Enter the customer’s fax number, which can include area code and extension.


  • Enter the customer’s email address. Using the checkboxes, select which type of emails the customer will receive.
  • Select one or more of the following:
    • Reservation Confirmations
    • Reservation Reminders
    • Announcements

Drivers License

  • (Optional) Enter the customer’s driver’s license number.


  • (Optional) Enter the custoemr’s golf handicap.

Customer ID

  • Add a photo of the customer.
  • Complete on of the following:
    • If you have scanning hardware attached, you can add a photo from a license. Click Scan License.
    • Click Get Picture. The Get a Customer’s Picture dialog box appears. Click Take Picture to take a photo using an attached digital camera, or cick Import Picture to add a photo stored on the local computer. To remove an uploaded image, click Clear. When you are finished, click Confirm.

NOTE: If Class Customer Sync is enabled, the Get Picture button is disabled. This prevents accidentally overwriting an image in GEN with an image captured or imported in Class

Alt ID

  • (Optional) Enter the customer’s alternate ID number.


  • Enter the customer’s password for their account. The customer needs to use a password to make reservations online. For security, the password will not be displayed.


  • Re-enter the customer’s password. The system will check to make sure that both Password and Confirm are identical.

Customer Type

  • Using the dropdown list, select the type for this customer.


  • Click the field to launch the calendar page, and then select the customer account’s expiration date.

TIP: To set a customer’s account to never expire, simply delete all text in the Expires field and save the customer’s profile.


  • If other than the default “Active”, select from the dropdown list the customer’s account status. Other possible statuses are ”Suspend/Frozen”, ”Credit Hold”, ”No Show Hold”, ”Expired”, ”Inactive”, ”Deceased”.

NOTE: If you select “Suspend/Frozen” for the Status, the Member Status Notes pop-up dialog box appears. Enter a reason for the status change, then click Done.


  • Enter the customer’s gender (Male, Female, Not Given).

Birth Date

  • Enter the customer’s birth date (Mon/DD/YYYY).

Age Type

  • From the dropdown list, select the customer’s age group type.

Override Age Type Validation

  • Select if you would like the user to be able to override the automatic age type assignment. If you do not have if you do not have Override Age Type Validation permission, a Secured Process warning dialog box appears:
    • Enter your Username and Password. Click Continue. To exit the dialog box, click Cancel.
    • The Age Type field will become enabled and you will now be able to select the desired option.


  • Select from the dropdown list the customer’s VIP status. The hierarchy of VIP status, from highest to lowest, is “Platinum”, “Gold”, and “Silver”. If “n/a” is selected, the customer would be assigned the “- PUBLIC-” status. This status determines if the customer will be allowed to book tee times depending on the Minimum VIP setting on the tee time template. For example, if a template has a Minimum VIP setting of “Gold”, tee time slots with this template will only allow “Gold” and “Platinum” members to book (“Silver” and “-PUBLIC-” members will not be allowed).

User-Defined Field 1 through User-Defined Field 6

  • Enter customer information depending on the label. Maximum of 30 characters per field.

NOTE: User-Defined Fields will have different labels as defined in Global Settings. They are used to collect additional customer information that might be required by particular golf courses or golf clubs.


  • Enter any additional notes about the customer.

3. Click Save to save the New Customer Record.
4. Click Exit button to return to the Management Menu.

Searching Customer Records using Customer Management

1. In the Search for a Customer area in the top-left corner of the page, enter one or more search criteria, then click Search:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Home Phone
  • Alt ID

2. The results appear in the Customer Search Results area in the lower- left corner of the Click a customer Name to display that customer record in the profile area on the right-hand side of the page.

TIP: To search using different fields, click Advanced Search.

Deleting a Customer Record

1. Find the customer See Searching customer records using Customer Management.
2. Click the Delete button on the bottom of the page to delete the customer.
3. Click Exit to return to the Management Menu.

NOTE: You can only delete customers who do not have transactions or reservations associated to their accounts. If they have any transactions or reservations, mark that customers as Inactive.

Viewing a Customer’s Billing Account

1. Find the customer record.
2. In the frame at the right, click the Account tab.
3. You can do the following:

  • To view the customer’s account status, click the Status.
  • To manage the customer’s accounts, including adding Secondary account holders and setting account limits, click the Management.
  • To view the customer’s account activity, click the Activity link.
  • To view a billing statement, click the Statement.
  • To set ongoing charges for a customer, click the Recurring Charges.
  • To adjust an item on the customer’s account, click the Adjustment A pop-up dialog box appears. Click OK to go to the Point of Sale module.


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