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M5000 – Manual Import Procedure

M5000 PDT Manual Import Procedure

NOTE: You must install the M5000 Programmer Software to perform this procedure.

Click here to download the installation software and program files.

  1. Go to Windows Start | All Programs | M5000 Utilities | M5000 Programmer,
  2. In the M5000 Programmer, go to Communications | Receive File,
  3. Click Receive.
  4. On the M5000, go to Communications | Send | Data File, and choose the file.
  5. The Browse window should open by default, otherwise click Browse, and enter a file name and the location to save the file,
  6. Login to GolfNow Reservations
  7. View | GolfNow Sell.
  8. Click Utilities | Physical Inventory
  9. Click the right arrow to start the inventory wizard
  10. Click the right arrow again
  11. Press the Edit button and from the Item Count Edit screen. The ‘Sales Item Number Only’ format contains only sales item numbers, one per line. The ‘Sales Item Numbers and Quantity’ includes the sales item number followed by a separator and the quantity.
  12. Select Browse, and browse to the file downloaded.
  13. Select Import
  14. Review & adjust any sales item quantities necessary
  15. Select Save changes
  16. Click the right arrow to continue on through the inventory wizard.
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