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M5000 – Flash Upgrade 2.0

Flashing your M5000 PDT will delete everything from the device. Make sure you save any files from the M5000 PDT to your computer. You should only have to flash your scanner if you are receiving the f02 BUS error when trying to create a new file.

Click Here To Download The M5000 PDT Flash Upgrade 2.0 File

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Download the upgrade file to your desktop by clicking on the link above.
  2. Extract all files to your desktop,
  3. To upgrade your M5000 PDT, first make sure you have saved your data and programs.
  4. Then, connect your M5000 PDT to your computer via the communications interface cable (RS232),
  5. From the M5000 PDT main menu, select “Upgrade Flash” and press Y (Yes) (all data and programs will be lost),
  6. Now start your M5000 Programmer software on your computer, and select the “Upgrade
  7. Flash” icon or “Communications / Upgrade Flash” menu item,
  8. Select the filename you just downloaded to your desktop (M5KV231.UPG) and click “Send”. Your M5000 PDT will then be upgraded with the latest flash upgrade,
  9. Now, you can download your previously saved data and programs, or you can create new programs.
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