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Logic Controls (USB) – Windows 7/Vista


Click here to download Logic Controls USB Line Display drivers.

Installation Guide

  1. Do not plug in pole display.
  2. Download and Extract the above driver to the Desktop
  3. Open the folder and run the Setup.exe
  4. Click Allow if warned that an unidentified program wants access to your computer.
  5. Select Device Name Driver and then Install,
  6. Click Install this driver software anyway (you may see this message multiple times)
  7. Click OK to the message saying installation successful,
  8. Click This program installed correctly if a message says This program might not have installed correctly.
  9. Plug in the pole display and the driver will install,
    1. If it does not install properly, you may need to go to the devices/printers screen
    2. Find the Pole Display, right click on it and select Troubleshoot
    3. Allow it to search for and install an updated driver
    4. It should now be installed properly
  10. In My Computer, browse to and double-click :OPOSLD9usbOPOSDriverssetup.exe
  11. Click Allow when asked for permission,
  12. Click OK at the welcome screen
  13. Click the computer icon to begin the install,
  14. Click Continue at the program group screen,
  15. Click OK to close the installation window,
  16. Go to Start > All Programs > LC OPOS > Setup,
  17. Click Allow if asked for permission,
  18. Under Set Port, select LD9USB
  19. Click Open,
  20. Click Claim,
  21. Click Enable Device,
  22. Click Display Text,
  23. Click Display TextAt,
  24. Click Clear Text,
  25. Click Release,
  26. Click Close,
  27. Click Exit,
  28. Click This program installed correctly if a message says This program might not have installed correctly.

Enable in GolfNow Reservations

  1. Setup | Hardware
  2. Click Pole Display
  3. Enter desired settings
  4. Click OK
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