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Logging In to Point of Sale

1. On your Windows Desktop, double click the GEN – Point of Sales icon, or launch the application from your browser.
2. The login page appears.

NOTE: Depending on your organization’s preferences, the icon’s appearance and name can vary. Internet Explorer Users: Version 7.0 or above is required. Please consult your GEN system administrator if you have any questions.

3. In the Store and Station dropdown lists, select a store and terminal.

  • If you login using the Maintenance Use Only station, you will not be able to perform any POS reservations or transactions.

4. Enter your user ID in the User box.
5. Enter a password in the Password box. The password with be masked for security purposes.
6. Click Login.

  • If you have management level access, the System Management Menu page will appear. To proceed to the Point of Sale from this page, click Point of Sale.

7. Do one of the following:

  • If you currently have an open POS drawer instance, the Continue Drawer page appears. Click the Continue Drawer button to continue to the main POS page.

GEN Continue Drawer

GEN Open Drawer

  • If you currently have no open POS drawer instance, the Open Drawer page appears. Enter the starting drawer amount ($) i the Drawer Start box, then click the Open Drawer button to continue to the main POS page.

NOTE: If you are required to clock into GEN as part of the login process, refer to the Clocking In and Out section.

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