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Issuing a Rain Check

A rain check may be given to a customer as a promise for an item that your store has temporarily run out of, or for a golf round that could not be completed due to inclement weather.

1. On the Items by Dept. tab, click Rain Check.

GEN Rain Check

2. The Issue Rain Check page appears in the frame.
3. From the Valid at dropdown list, select a store at where the rain check is redeemable.
4. If you would like to set an expiry date before which the rain check must be used, select the checkbox beside Expires. In the date box, enter the rain check’s expiry date with the calendar pop-up.
5. In the Quantity box, enter the quantity.
6. Enter the SKU in the SKU box. You can also search for a SKU to add by clicking Search.
7. Enter the issue value ($) of the rain check in the Issue box.
8. In the Name box, enter the name of the customer.
9. In the Alt ID box, do one of the following:

  • Enter the appropriate ID of the customer by keystroke.
  • Scan barcode or magstripe for an ID search.

10. In the Notes text box, enter any necessary notes for the issue.
11. Click Issue.

The Rain Check SKU is added to the transaction in progress for $0.00.

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