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Implementation Preparation


When preparing for an implementation there are several things that can be done in advance to insure it is as smooth a process as possible. The biggest part that can be done in advance is gathering all the needed information. The Implementation Specialist that is assigned to your facility will assist in whatever ways possible to get everything input into the new system, the sooner they have the information the less time on site will be spent configuring imports.

Sales Items

If you are transitioning from a computer based system typically you can run an export of your existing sales items. If you are transitioning from a paper tee sheet and cash register, you can still fill out the import template with the items you know will need to exist in the new system. Simply copy and paste the information you have into the template below. This can be green fee items, cart fees, merchandise, food and beverage, anything that has a price.

Golf Inventory Import


In addition to sales items, we are able to import existing customer you had in your previous system. Below is out import spreadsheet which you can copy and paste information into so the implementation specialist can import once they are on site. It is important not to add, delete, or rearrange the columns, it must stay in this layout for import. You’ll see there is a place to document outstanding AR balances, Golf Shop Credit balances, even an Awards balance. If these balances are likely to change before the install it may be best to wait and pull those balance after you’ve finished using your current system.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to follow up with your implementation specialist.

Customer Import Template

Tee Times

If you have any existing tee times booked, these will need to be re-booked into the new GolfNow Reservations system during the implementation. This can be time consuming, so it can be helpful to have an extra staff member available to assist with getting this completed. There is not currently a way to simply export existing booking and import them into GolfNow Reservations, they need to be manually re-booked.


GolfNow Reservations is a server based system which means that the computers will need to talk to one another over the local area network at the course. Each station will need to have a hard line connection to the network, a wireless connection is not a supported method. If you have an “IT Person” or a staff that manages your network it would be helpful for them to be available during the implementation should we have any questions or issues. An internet connection is also mandatory during the implementation.

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