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idp3210 – Windows XP (Parallel)

The IDP-3210 CANNOT be installed on Windows Vista or newer operating systems.


Printer drivers can be downloaded here.

Printer Installation Guide

Make sure the Citizen iDP3210 printer is hooked up to the parallel printer cable and that the cable is hooked to the parallel port of the computer,

NOTE: A USB to Parallel Printer adapter may also be used. Be sure to specify the proper USB port in Step 7 of this procedure.

  1. Power up the printer and make sure it has paper.
  2. Extract and unzip the driver package at the top of the page.
  3. Reboot the machine by going to Start | Turn Off Computer | Restart.
  4. Start | Control Panel.
  5. Double click on Printers and Faxes.
  6. Click on the Add a Printer Icon.
  7. Click Next on the Welcome Screen.
  8. Select the Local Printer radio button (do not check the Automatically detect my plug and play printer) and click Next.
  9. Select the Use the Following Port radio button, choose LPT1 from the pull-down and click Next.
  10. Click the Have Disk button.
  11. An Install From Disk window appears. Click the Browse button.
  12. Browse to the extracted folder from step 2.
  13. Double click on the Printers folder.
  14. Double click on the Cbm folder.
  15. Double click on the WIN_XP folder.
  16. Double click on the OEMSETUP.INF file.
  17. The Install from Disk window returns with a new path.
  18. Click the OK button, to return to a list of printers.
  19. Choose the iDP3210 Partial Cut printer and click Next.
  20. Select the No radio button for the default printer question and click Next.
  21. Select the Do not share this printer radio button and click Next.
  22. Select the Yes radio button to print a test page.
  23. On the final page click Finish.
  24. Click the Continue Anyway button when the warning message that this print driver has not passed the Windows Logo testing is displayed.
  25. When the files are done loading, a test page is sent to the printer.
  26. If the test page prints properly, continue with the procedure of setting up printers in GolfNow Reservations. If it does not, check to make sure there is paper in the printer, that the wires are all connected securely and that the printer is turned on. If the page still does not print, call GolfNow Reservations Customer Support.

Configuring iDP3210 Receipt Printer in GolfNow Reservations

  1. Setup | Hardware
  2. Click Printers
  3. Click Receipt Tab
  4. Click idp3210 under Installed Printers
  5. Select Font as Standard
  6. Select Size as Standard
  7. Click OK
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