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How to use the quick sale screen

The following guide describes the different buttons on the new touch interface when in the “quick sale” screen of Reservations.

Quick Sale Screen - Res

  1. Back button: This button takes you back to your default screen.
  2. Table button: This button takes you to the table map to assign the invoice to a table, or change which table the invoice is assigned to currently.
  3. Customer box: This section brings up the customer list to add a customer to the invoice, or use the “X” to remove the customer.
  4. Menu categories: This section allows you to switch between Menu categories you have configured.
  5. Sale buttons
    • QTY: Allows you to adjust the quantity of the selected item.
    • Price: Allows you to adjust the price of the selected item.
    • Pay: Takes you to the Pay screen to close out the sale.
    • Delete: Attempted to remove the selected item from the invoice.
    • Item: Allows you to change the seat that the item is associated with, add a note, or discount the item.
    • Save: Saves the open tab and returns you to the default screen.
    • Table: Allows you to apply a discount to the entire table, or reassign the tab to a new table.
    • Seat: Allows you to add a seat, merge two seats, or apply a discount to the selected seat.
    • More: Check a balance on a gift card by swiping or manually entering. Also, search for an item via the sales item list.
  6. Arrows: Allow you to navigate to all of your categories if they do not all fit on the screen.

For a printable view of this process, click here.

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